Welcome To JVC Elite

Welcome to the Jupiter Elite Volleyball Club


We wish to welcome all of you to JVC Elite Volleyball.  JVC Elite is committed to providing a safe, fun, positive learning environment for junior athletes in the Jupiter/Tequesta area where they can develop their skills and passion for the sport of volleyball in a competitive setting.  At JVC Elite, you will be provided with top level coaching to develop not only your individual skills, but to advance your knowledge of the game, tactics and strategies, increase your confidence, and create broad opportunities for your continued involvement in the sport.  Furthermore, you will learn sportsmanship and the concept of “team”.  We want all of our players to become acclimated with winning and losing and how to deal properly with each,  how to resolve conflicts on and off the court, and how to become positive leaders.  In turn, these life lessons will make you not only a positive and supporting teammate, but a positive role model in your community.  While individual achievement is important, you will learn how to develop and manage your skills for the overall success of your team.  If it is your desire to have a positive and rewarding club volleyball experience, then JVC Elite is the right place for you.

Board of Directors, Jupiter Volleyball Club