Sep 30

Approved meal plan for JVC Jupiter Elite volleyball teams



Low sugar cereal with milk, apples, bananas, yogurt no more than 8oz, scrambled or hard boiled eggs, toast or (may use light peanut butter or Nutella).  At least two glasses of water before heading to the venue


Donuts, sugary cereal, syrup, juice boxes, simple sugars of any kind.

Note  * if you have a PM start, follow breakfast plan, but modify what you eat for lunch before heading to tournament

*During Games*

Below is a list of what is acceptable to consume during the tournament. Teams are either the 1,2,3,or 4 seeds. This is important due to the time between each match as it varies as well as the time between when you ate breakfast.

A meal – Banana, oranges or clementine slices, grapes, melon chunks, apple wedges, handful of fruit trail mix or almond nuts. Drink water or watered down sports drinks. (Handful portions mean just that or half of a full item)

B meal –  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, rolled up lunch meat chicken or turkey(can be on a whole wheat wrap), tuna, crackers, whole wheat pasta with veggies, cheese (not American) Cliff Z bar, Special K Bar, Nutrigrain Bar. Drink Water or watered down sports drink and no more than 12oz of low-fat milk/chocolate milk (Handful portions mean just that or half of a full item)

1 seed (Play, Ref, Play, Ref Off, Play)  

A meal during first ref assignment block

B meal during the Ref/Off assignment to be consumed after 15 points are accumulated.

2 seed (Ref,Play,Off,Play,Ref,Play)

A meal -handful portions- consumed before second set starts while in 1st ref assignment

B meal during off assignment consumed before ten points have been accumulated during the second set

A meal during second ref assignment

3 seed (Play, Off, Ref, Play, Play, Off *though may have to stick around in case of tie*

B meal during the 1st off ref assignment. Have handful portions of A meal within first 15 minutes after play. Do not start B meal until 30 min after play ended.  

A meal handful portions between second and third play assignments

4 seed (Off, Play,Play,Off,Play,Ref)   

A meal handful portions during off block before second set starts.

A meal handful portions again between play – may include tiny chocolate milk if desired.

B meal during off block.