Sep 30

Welcome To The Players Corner!

JVC is proud to announce our new blog “The Players Corner” Look here for volleyball related articles, including training exercises, health and fitness, diet and for the new “Player Spotlight” where different JVC players will have a spotlight article. Have something you’d like to share with us that is volleyball related, will help advance our players or club as a whole? Feel free to Contact Us with your suggestions!

Feb 07

A good article for players and parents!

Oct 10

Parent and Player Apparel

We have a limited amount of the below items to support JVC Elite, Please contact Wendi Ladika for pricing and availability.

The below  items, the same ones that were sold last year, are available for purchase.
Order forms and payment (cash or check, check made payable to JTAA) need to be turned to Debbie Heim or Wendi Ladika by Nov. 1.

Oct 04

Watching our kids can be fun , but difficult at times

Down 2-1. The heart beats faster. 2 outs. Palms get sweaty. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Muscles tense. Bottom of the 6th. Grip tightens. My son Andrew was up to bat in this exact situation in his Rec League Baseball game just last night. The beating heart, sweaty palms, tense muscles, and tight grip were mine. Andrew – he was fine.

It’s difficult watching your child play or perform, sing a song or do a dance. It’s difficult because we all want to see our children do well. However, it is in the tough moments, challenging situations, and difficult losses that your child is given the experiences that are so important to helping them learn, grow, and mature. IF we allow it to happen.

Click Here to for are a few things to remember – that I have to remind myself – when watching your child play:

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